• Fry slightly (until it is mushy):
    • 8 tomatoes (cut into pieces)
    • 3 spoons of fish-sauce
    • 1 spoon of Soya-sauce
    • litre bouillon
    • 1 onion
    • garlic (a lot!)
  • Put this, together with sugar, 1 spoon coriander and a spoon of chillies, in a grinder. Grind this for about 10 minutes.
  • Ready to serve with sticky rice, cabbage, cowl flower or nan bread.

    • Sticky Rice

    Steam dry rice for 30 minutes (every 10 minutes turn).

      Chicken Lab

  • Cut the chicken to small pieces and cook these (underdone) in bouillon.
  • Spray lemon juice over it and add pam (or fresh olives = for bitter taste!), ginger, chillies and a spoon of rice powder.
  • Squeeze the fluid out of the chicken.
  • Fry this 'sauce' on an open fire and put it over the chicken (this will make the chicken 'done to a turn').
  • Fry (a knifepoint of) chilli-peppers, (a spoon) garlic + onions, lemongrass, (a lot of) coriander, spring onions, a spoon of fish-sauce, mint and add to the chicken.
    Serve with sticky rice!

    • Green Papaya Salad

    Cut 1 young eggplant in small slivers and put together with salt, pam (or fresh olives for bitter taste!), lemon juice, banana flower, sugar, shrimp jelly, 3 spoons of fish-sauce, 4 small tomatoes and garlic, garlic and more garlic!!

    Copyright 2001 - Annet Blanken & Lode Broekman